“Apteka Dobroho Dnya”: buy with a profit!

“Apteka Dobroho Dnya” (“Good Day Pharmacy”) invites you to take care of your health with maximum benefit!


The largest number of colds happens in February. Bad weather, epidemic influenza, vitamin deficiency and low immunity contribute to the overall decline in efficiency, emergence of depression and prolonged illness. But there is a solution! Prevent colds, strengthen the body and response quickly when the first symptoms appear − that’s an easy and reliable way to stay healthy!


Make a purchase in the “Apteka Dobroho Dnya ” in the period from the 2nd of February to the 1 of March, save the receipt and receive a discount on your next purchase.


The amount of discount depends on the amount of purchase:

• the purchase for the amount of 200 UAH. – saves you 25 UAH.

• the purchase of 400 UAH. – saves you 50 UAH.

• the purchase of 800 UAH. – saves you 100 UAH.


The discount is calculated from the price listed in the ” Apteka Dobroho Dnya”. Visit the official website for more details.


“Apteka Dobroho Dnya” means care!